the real intro to catallena

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shots fired

A pencil sharpener that sharpens all sorts of pencils is a good pencil sharpener. A pencil that lets itself be sharpened by too many sharpeners has to be thrown away.


hyominnn: 시사회 못와서 미안하다구 바쁜데 시간내서 집앞까지 와준 순규…이와중에 징크스 포즈로 영화 홍보까지 해주고갔다.. 낯간지럽지만..넌 참 멋진 친구입니다….!! 이번앨범 무조건대박나쟈~~~ Mr.Mr.♥

[Eng trans by ch0ssi] soonkyu, who said she was sorry for not being able to come to the preview, and took the time to come to the front of my home, despite being busy… she even came and promoted the movie with the jinx pose.. it’s a bit embarrassing..but you’re a really great friend….!! let’s make sure your next album is daebak/successful~~~ Mr.Mr.♥   




this girl literally destroys all other covers of let it go and she does it sitting down

JESUS CHRIST— THIS IS AMAZING SHE IS AMAZING I JUST— her voice I can’t. There’s a certain kind of singer, that can just pull that deep, clear powerful note out of themselves and every time i hear it I break out into goose bumps and I start tearing up because jesus christ humans can be so amazing

Wow, such power behind those notes!!


You think your life is hard? Think about Jessica.

hyomin shows off her balloon twisting skills